cultural and educational contents for a diverse public

  • editing/translating texts for a dutch, english and german speaking public
  • correction/authentication of automatically translated texts (generated by “ai”)1
  • digital editions (ebooks) of manuscripts, typescripts and printed sources
  • improving project proposals, applications and reports
  • updating texts and hyperlinks for informational websites and reference works
  • websites for specific audiences: e-learning and “lifelong learning”
  • research for exhibitions and festivals
  1. “Creative writing depends on genuine inspiration, be it a scenario, a column or a speech. As a reader, please acknowledge the interests of your favourite writers, and keep reading their work.” – Marloes van Rossum & Miro Lucassen (Dutch Authors’ Union) in “Laat de makers van ChatGPT en andere chatbots tol betalen aan de échte auteurs” (“see to it that the creators of ChatGPT and other chatbots pay royalties to the actual authors”), NRC 22 Augustus 2023 []