aanbevelingen & recensies

LinkedIn aanbeveling door Curator popular culture and fashion, Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen, voor bijdragen aan interculturele tentoonstellingen in het wereldberoemde Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam (onderzoek en teamwork):

“dedicated to true but also entertaining education methods …
eye for the combination of science and pleasure”

LinkedIn aanbeveling door Global Innovation Design (London), voor het naslagwerk “The Oxford Illustrated Companion to South Indian Classical Music” (auteur voor Oxford University Press, in druk sinds 1999):

“an authoritative work that has been indispensable to my research”

LinkedIn aanbeveling door Managing Director, Miceli Trading Srl (Frankfurt), voor eLearning cursussen (ontwikkeling en ondersteuning):

with his great experience and knowledge he has created
excellent material for a special internet course

LinkedIn aanbeveling door software developer at Global Innovation Design (London), for authoring The Oxford Illustrated Companion to South Indian Classical Music (Oxford University Press, in print since 1999):

“an authoritative work that has been indispensable to my research”

Boekrecensie door Gerry Farrell in MUSIC AND LETTERS QUARTERLY (Vol. 81, Number 4, November 2000):

“An indispensable and enriching reference for the connoisseur, practicing musician and dancer, interested amateur, impresario, teacher, and student, this completely revised, updated, and enlarged edition will also inform and engage anybody keen on learning more about Indian culture.”


engaging, informative and authoritative

Boekrecensie door C.V. Narasimhan (former Under-Secretary General of the U.N.) in THE HINDU, Literary Review:

“the best”

Boekrecensie door (muziekrecensent) N. M. Narayanan (The Hindu):

“a most informative, thorough, and scientifically accurate companion to our classical music”

The venue is the winner – Just the experience of a single evening at Sittrarangam sufficed to prove that the venue can be the winner irrespective of the quality of the performance. This small theatre has been conceived to re-live tradition in a setting which belongs to it. It is beautiful. It is beautiful with the magic of a simplicity that seeks not to compel but to be authentic and conjure up the environment and atmosphere of the ancient past. There is nothing better than the thatched auditorium for retaining the acoustic properties in which Carnatic fine arts can register truthfully. […] The brick background of the stage has been conceived with symmetry in its simple design and wears an ‘unfinished’ look. Perhaps, because of the understanding that artificial polish often obscures natural beauty.”

Goverdhan Panchal (Professor of Theatre Architecture at the National School of Drama New Delhi) in “Bharatiya Vidya Journal”:

“For the new drama that is emerging, taking its inspiration from the prevalent traditional popular dramatic forms, a new type of theatre will have to be designed. There is no doubt that the realistic west-oriented drama and the proscenium theatre are on the way out as the search for theatre identity intensifies. Such a theatre, inspired by the Kuttambalam, has already been built in Madras.”